Was Jesus of Nazareth actually God's son or was the claim merely an ancient fable employed to help the elite maintain power and control, a myth expanded by the Catholic church for the last 2000 years? Did an ancient prophet named Jesus, who was the Son of God ever really exist, or did the Apostle Paul, Christianity's hero, invent him? Is Christianity as we know it only a tool used to propagate racial divisiveness, racism, and the idea of "whiteness" being equated to Godliness and superior to all other hues? Is the "Holy Bible" actually propaganda?

Sheepishly acquiescing and unknowingly conspiring against themselves as peace-loving Christians, disenfranchised minorities have in essence become slaves to religious traditions. They have forgotten that Jesus himself raised hell when he angrily turned over tables in the Temple, brandishing a scourge (whip). And remember, it was Jesus who said "Think not that I have come to bring peace to the world, but a sword." Peter actually used a knife he carried to cut off the ear of Malchus as Jesus was being taken prisoner in the Garden of Gethsemane. The disciples wanted to kill their enemies the Samaritans.

Paul, who wrote half of The New Testament, never met Jesus and didn't care very much about anything he had to say. Nobody who actually knew Jesus ever wrote anything about him. Jesus himself was an illiterate drifter who couldn't read and write, and he probably never preached to anybody who wasn't a Jew. Jesus never said he was God's son either, and his brother James, who became the church's first bishop after Jesus' crucifixion agreed. James said Jesus was a good man blessed by God, but not his son. Is Christianity both history's and the world's greatest hoax?

For centuries the belief in a white God and a white Jesus have supported the notion that white people are made in God's almighty image, with white supremacy and white privilege becoming the "order-of-the-day." It doesn't get any bigger or better than God being your progenitor (pops), and being descended from his ancestry. In 2015 would whites even be Christians if Jesus was not white? In a survey of whites I conducted the responses to that question ran the full gamut from "it wouldn't matter" to "probably not" to "absolutely not". Do whites only believe in a white Jesus and a white God? With nothing left to believe in anymore, is Christianity ultimately robbing us of hope and humanity?

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In Search of Goodpussy is an explicit, personal, social, psychosexual perspective defining "what makes men tick, specifically, what makes Black men tick.." Through an historical periscope, the personal, social, political, cultural and economic conditions of the Black man are viewed. The reader is able to observe how these conditions and their effects have catapulted the Black man from a place in time beginning 350 years ago (in America) to a landing in the very same place 350 years later. Black men and black women are at odds in relationships. There are behavioral realities that exist between black men and black women that are deadly, and sometimes irreversible, that impede and preclude establishing loving unions. This is an honest, self-help book intended for real people who are aware that there is a need for a totally new way to understand and appreciate problems in relationships between black men and black women in America. In Search of Goodpussy is a candid and frank presentation of a bold new concept to help people cope with and survive the painful uncertainty of today's relationships.

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