Overcoming 2000 years of trickery and deceptive religious brainwashing

Don Spears, a New Orleans based author and lecturer pens one of the most provocative and thought provoking books of the century - Let Us Prey. Don raises eyebrows again as he lays out in great detail how Jesus Christ, the radical revolutionary has been given the persona of a peace loving 1st Century Flower Child. He takes a mind-boggling look at Christianity and how it has been commandeered by Western civilization to be used as an instrument of brainwashing, oppression, domination and racism in controlling non-white minorities, especially blacks in America for over 300 years as a continuously exploited permanent underclass. How Christianity twisted and entangled America! American racism begins with Christianity. In Columbia, South Carolina Dylann Roof was raised as a Christian attending St. Paul Lutheran Church. Roof learned to be a racist at home and at church. One young white man raised as a Christian murdered nine other Christians in cold blood. The nine people he murdered in Charleston were members of Emmanuel A.M.E., a black church. The question that naturally arises is do blacks and whites, the oppressed and the oppressor, worship the same God and the same Jesus? Apparently not.

It was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who once said "The most segregated hour in America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning". And President Barrack Obama candidly remarked that "Racism, we are not cured of it." In 2015 is the segregationist "Old South" being reincarnated as the United States of America, with whites still seeing themselves as the superior race created in God's image, while defenseless black men and black boys like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are senselessly murdered and imprisoned? When was the last time you saw a painting of a black Jesus or black angels hanging in any American church? How many blacks were visible during Pope Francis' recent visit? And remember that the Holy Bible inspired both the Confederate flag and the American flag. Is America's God, Christianity's God, a God of love or of hate?

Is Christianity essentially white supremacy's 21st Century stealth bomber, silently decimating minorities and cherishing the age-old vision of America being a land for "whites only" as they assume moral authority and struggle to maintain "white privilege"? Caucasians who are convinced that they are the very best people and are always right! Is believing they alone have been made in God's image and are his "chosen people" the common white supremacy thread subconsciously binding whites together as xenophobes and ethnocentric brothers in 2015?

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